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2016 Nyemchek's Junior All-Star DanceSport Championships

Congratulations to our Junior Ballroom Dream Team on great results @Nyemchek's Junior All-Star DanceSport Championships (Newark, NJ)! We are very proud of all of you!

Our single girls:
Jazleene with Dima - her 1st competition - already winner of 1 Gold Medal! 
Tingting with Sasha - winner of almost all the single dances!
 Jingjing with Sashawinner of almost all the single dances!

Our couples:
Abby & Dima - winners of Junior 1 Gold & Silver Latin!
Anna & Younes - Junior 1 Silver Latin finalists!
Anna & Patrick - Pre-Champ & Champ Latin finalists!
Isabella & Anton - winners of Youth Silver Latin!

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