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The City DanceSport Challenge 2015

Congratulations to our Junior Ballroom Dream Team on great results @The City DanceSport Challenge (Manhattan, NY):

Masha & Anthony - winners of 16 first places in Pre-Teen 1 Standard & Latin Events

Alexis & Eric - winners of 14 first places in Junior 1 Standard & Latin Events (first competition together as a couple)

Eliza & Billy - Silver Medalists in Youth Novice Latin & 4th place finalists in Youth Pre-Champ Latin Events

Evelynne & Daniel - winners of Junior 2 Novice & Pre-Champ Standard Events

Rachel & MichaelSilver Medalists in Junior 2 Novice Latin & 4th place finalists in Junior 1 Pre-Champ Latin Events

Shelly & Sasha - winners of Junior 1 Champ Latin & winners of "Ballroom Barks" Scholarship Event!

We are very proud of all of you! Keep on dancing! 

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