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Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is sexy and romantic and danced with the passion of Buenos Aires!

Originated in the West Indies where it was danced only by the lowest classes. The name is from the African Tanganya. The dance found its way into Argentina and then to France and finally into the United States in a modified form about 1914.

Its unique rhythms offer fabulous training for timing and footwork, building a foundation useful in any dance. It has recently become an amazingly popular dance in America.

Both singles and couples are welcome to attend. We rotate partners throughout the class to give everyone the opportunity to dance with different partners and make new friends. Lessons will be focused on partnership, dance connection, musicality and basic fundamentals.

                        Tuesday 7pm-8pm

You may sign up online

      1 class - $15 per person (drop in)

        4 classes (used in 4 weeks) - $55 per person


             We offer 8-week programs! Please, check our calendar