East Coast Swing

Are you ready to be cool? If so, the Swing is a “must learn” dance. From its origin in 1927, the Lindy paved the way for many more swing-style dances which developed, including the American Swing, Boogie-Woogie, Hustle, Jitterbug, Jive, Rock and Roll, and West Coast Swing. With post-war exuberance filling the air, it wasn’t long before youthful energy was unleashed on the streets...dancing! Characterized by jumps, spins, turns and throw-outs, the Lindy was seen on dance floors all across America. Today, the Lindy has undergone many alterations and has been toned down and incorporated into a ballroom format known most commonly as the Swing.

With roots deep in the Harlem originated Jitterbug, the two dances have become one and the same.  Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley popularized the music and the lively East Coast Swing steps have been in vogue ever since.  One of the appealing features of the East Coast Swing is that the dance works well on a wide-open ballroom floor as well as in a crowded nightclub.

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