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Friday 7:15pm Group Class (every 1st & 3rd Friday before Social)

Perfect class to warm up before our Adult Social Party. Every month we have different dances that we teach during the class.

January (13th & 20th) & February (3rd & 17th): Salsa (All Levels) - Salsa is the street version of Mambo. It's one of the most popular dances with a sexy latin beat! It is a flirty dance, great for couples or just to catch someone's eye!

March (3rd & 17th): Night Club 2 Step (All Levels) - It is an easy dance done to slower modern music. It is smooth and fun and will become one of your favorites!

April (7th & 21st): Viennese Waltz (All Levels) - It is the genre of Ballroom Style. The Viennese Waltz is a rotary dance where the dancers are constantly turning either toward the leader's right (natural) or toward the leader's left (reverse), interspersed with non-rotating change steps to switch between the direction of rotation. Other moves such as the fleckerls, American-Style figures and side sway or underarm turns are modern inventions that very popular in Social Dancing.

May (5th & 19th): Hustle (Beginner to Intermediate Levels) - This is the most versatile of all the disco dances, which were extremely popular in the 1970s. Lots of spins, very fun.  Easy to learn and will definitely get your feet moving!

June (2nd & 16th): Tango (All Levels) - The Tango is considered the “dancers dance” and becomes the favorite of all who learn it. The American Style Tango continues to grow as a very popular dance. Among those influences, the technical International (English) style Tango, the dramatic Paso Doble, and even the orginal Argentine style continue to contribute to its evolution. But American is still best known as both the simplest and the showiest of all Tangos.

July (7th & 21st): Merengue (All Levels) - The Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic. It was introduced in the United States in the New York area. However, it did not become well known until several years later. Ideally suited to the small, crowded dance floors, it is a dance that is easy to learn and essentially a "fun" dance.

August (4th & 18th)West Coast Swing (All Levels) - is an evolving social dance with roots in Lindy Hop that has gone through many changes throughout its short history, over time incorporating techniques from numerous dance styles. It is characterized by a distinctive elastic look that results from its basic extension-compression technique of partner connection, and is danced primarily in a slotted area on the dance floor. The dance allows for both partners to improvise steps while dancing together, putting West Coast Swing in a short list of dances that put a premium on improvisation.

September (8th & 29th): Cha-Cha-Cha (All Levels) - This is a fun & flirty dance that grew out of the Cuban Mambo and became immensely popular in the United States in the 1950’s. It consists of triple chasse steps (cha-cha-cha’s) and rock steps. Cha-Cha-Cha has a modified Cuban Motion - hip action, because of the speed. This is an exuberant dance that will get your heart pumping and put a smile on your face.

October (6th, 20th & 27th): Waltz (All Levels) The romantic Waltz is one of the most popular ballroom dances of all time. Considered by some as the "mother of present day dances" and the "backbone dance" of the ballroom, the Waltz is the basis for many dances. It is a smooth dance that travels around the line of dance, characterized by its "rise and fall" action. The Waltz is danced to soothing, dream-like music that has a unique 3/4 time signature with an accent on the first beat of every measure. The Waltz will teach the dancer the importance of maintaining posture, balance and timing - thus achieving the graceful, sweeping movements that make this dance such a stylish and regal one.

November (3rd, 10th & 17th): Foxtrot (All Levels) - A beautiful and romantic dance, the Slow Foxtrot is a favorite among many ballroom dancers... think about the smooth dancing of Fred & Ginger. Because of its smoothness, it is often referred to as the Rolls Royce of the Standard dances. Once you learn the Foxtrot, you really feel like a dancer.

December 8th: Country 2 Step (All Levels) - It is a traveling dance performed to country music. It is quick and a lot of fun!

             Friday Night 7:15pm Group Class - $10 per person
         Friday Night 7:15pm Group Class + Social - $20 per person

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