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This is the most versatile of all the disco dances which were extremely popular in the 1970s. Lots of spins, very fun.  Easy to learn and will definitely get your feet moving!

The Hustle became popular in the 1970’s. Assisted by the movie, “Saturday Night Fever”, it became a marked return to popular dances where couples touched each other in the dance. Hustle is usually danced to 2/4 or 4/4 beat music, often characterized as “Disco”music, Turns, spins, and wraps, are the primary components of the Hustle. The more accomplished dancers will add syncopated timing and elaborate arm styling. The melody and beat are based on rhythm and blues and the accent on each of the bass beats makes the music hard to resist.

                     Postponed till further notice

      1 class - $15 per person (drop in)

     4 classes (used in 4 weeks) - $55 per person