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This practice will run through rounds of competition style heats of all 5 International Latin dances. The sole purpose of this practice is to give you dedicated practice space in an intense environment of competitors. Our run through conducted by top competition judges and Pro dancers that will provide immediate feedback.
Dedicated practice is the key to developing your dance whether as a dance couple or alone. Don't skip out on practice no matter what level dancer you are because you'll get smoked by those that do practice. That's a fact!
It's a great way to prepare for upcoming competition.

We have an open door run-through. Many students from other dance schools and states travel to our studio to prepare for upcoming competition or practice their routines on our
4000 square-foot floating hardwood dance floor.
Come join us...

 Thursday 7:30pm-8:30pm

                                                                                                    1 hr class - $15 per person

                                                                                 This is open door Run-through. 
                                                                                               Any competitive couples are welcomed to join.