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West Coast Swing

Want to dance to R&B, Pop, Soul, Blues, and Country? West Coast Swing is a cool, sexy dance exploding around the world.

It is one of the most popular partner dances in the country. It developed from the Lindy, and more specifically Dean Collins Swing, and was done originally to Rhythm & Blues style music.

WCS is a bit more sultry, sexy and sophisticated than other swing dances, a bit more funky and playfull, a lot more versatile, with a lot of great music. Smooth and rolling, the current WCS scene has people dancing to a wider variety of music - blues and R&B, as well as some country, pop, rock, and contemporary music. Because of this you can have fun with this dance style in an extensive variety of settings and venues.

Classes consist of between 5 and 25 students. 

Both singles and couples are welcome to attend. We rotate partners throughout the class to give everyone the opportunity to dance with different partners and make new friends. 
No prior dance experience necessary. No partner required.

Learn West Coast Swing with great Professionals, Performers, Choreographers & Teachers - Hazel & Tybaldt Ulrich!

Beginner West Coast Swing will start you off with the basics of the dance. Will cover 6 and 8 count rhythms and give you enough material to dance with other beginners and have fun at our socials. We recommend three months.

Intermediate West Coast Swing goes deeper! We’ll show you how to do what you see on youtube. Focus will be on partnering, intricate combinations, and improvisation.

West Coast Swing 2: Thursday 7:30pm-8:30pm

West Coast Swing for Beginners: Thursday 8:30pm-9:30pm

                                                                          You may sign up online

                                                                                         1 class - $15 per person (drop in)

                                                                                4 classes (used in 4 weeks) - $55 per person

    8 classes (used in 4 weeks) - $100 per person

                                                   We offer 8-week programs! Please, check our calendar