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April 2011 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students.

USA Dance National Championships 2011

  • This past weekend was filled with many emotions. From nervous parents, anxious competitors to extremely worried teacher. We lived through numerous dress code issues (One of us, who will remain nameless, had lived through a horrid discovery of not having their competition outfit fit within 2 days of the competition! :) We had a bizarre fire scare, just minutes before awards had been distributed. We had competitors running a fever while performing, and yet with all these issues, we all had the time of our lives!
    • BALLROOM DREAM is proud to announce our competitors:
    • Emmanuel Malyarovich & Claudia Bykowski
      • Top 3rd couple in America - Amateur Junior I Silver Latin
      • Top 3rd couple in America - Amateur Junior I Silver Standard
    • Alexander Naryshkin & Jenna Rubenchik
      • Finalists - Amateur Pre-Teen II Silver Latin
      • Finalists - Amateur Pre-Teen II Silver Standard
  • If you have any photos/videos please send it to us.

Location Update

  • We have found a permanent location and are finalizing the agreement. We will be giving you more info once we have all paperwork signed and agreed upon.

Upcoming Events/Classes

Coming soon. Please check our website.