Professional Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, Judge

Jami Josephson is a professional dancer, performer, choreographer and judge from NYC. Jami coaches and teaches all over the world at many salsa congresses and schools along with coaching top salsa teams for over 10 years such as Edie “The Salsa Freak”, Santo Rico, Salsa Lovers and was also the Associate Artistic Coach of “Latin Madness” for LA, UK, and NYC and was once a member of Descarga Latina. She has judged for the World Salsa Championships ESPN 2005 and 2007 and is also the head judge for the past 4 years for the New York Int’l Salsa Championships. Jami is a certified dance instructor in Ballroom and Latin dancing with over 100 titles in competition dancing, including US Mambo Champion, Eastern United States Champion, US Rising Star Champion, Fred Astaire National Champion.

Jami has her own dance troupe The Rhythm Diva’s since 2000. Being in showbiz since she was a little girl, Jami has studied Jazz/Ballet/Hip-Hop/Tap/Ballroom/Latin/Country Dancing/Hustle and Acting and is well known for her exceptional dancing and teaching skills.

Her specialty for being a third eye to dance teams has a lot to offer. Need help in looking like a top pro... Jami can clean up your routine and make it look its best. Through technique, styling and understanding stage presents, Jami can help you put it all together. Need new ways to learn how to rehearse better or just need to know if you’r
e on the right track, Jami offers her expert opinion.

Now, Jami adds Ballroom Dream to her repertoire, and we are honored to have her. Her tremendoes expertise and teaching skill are a great addition to our Dream Team.

Here are some testimonials...

"Jami has a very strong style of coaching only because she demands perfection of those she works with based on her very clear knowledge of what's needed when it comes to dancing, which she does exceptionally well. Her methods are very effective in that she's great at getting everyone, even those with the occasional chip on their shoulder or who have superstar egos, on the same page and on the right track as far as what's needed to make the show better as a whole." - Thomas Guererro director of "Santo Rico"

"Jami Josephson helped us greatly by whipping us into shape for several Latin Madness shows. Without her detailed and meticulous style of coaching our production would have suffered." - Jai Catalano of “Jai and Candy”

“Jami is an awesome teacher and a fabulous dancer, and most importantly, a beautiful person, both inside and out. A very rare breed indeed! I love that woman to death!!” - Edie, The Salsa FREAK

Jami also wrote the “Instructors Forum” for salsa instructors from around the world for Salsaweb.com for several years and has made over 21 instructional dance videos throughout her career. Her most recently accomplishment has been a certification for salsa instructors through ProDvida for Salsa and for Hustle.