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Mila Legkovenko

MILA LEHKOVENKO Professional Ballroom Dancer, WDC World Adjudicator

Mila Lehkovenko is a World Class Adjudicator from Ukraine. 
She is the former owner of one of the top dance studios in the Ukraine, Dance-Style. During her teaching career her juvenile, junior and youth couples won countless Nationals and International Championships, including Ukrainian Nationals, Blackpool Dance Festival, The International Championships and World Championships (France).

Before retiring as a Professional competitor in the Open Latin Division, Mila and her partner Slavik became Ukrainian National Champions in 2005, 2008, 2011. They finished in the top 9 at the German Open in 2008, the top 17 at The International Championship (UK) in 2010 and were semi-finalists at The Word Championship (France) in 2012.