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Naama Avniel

Growing up in Israel, Na'ama was inspired after seeing Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly dance in the movies. She followed that inspiration with lessons in ballet, jazz and tap dance, culminating in a B. Ed. In Physical Education with a major in Posture. Na’ama is also a certified aerobics instructor and personal trainer.

After coming to the US, Na’ama was trained as an American Rhythm dancer by World American Rythym champions Felipe and Carolina Telona, and in Hustle by the late Arte Phillips.  After being exposed to West Coast Swing, she fell in love with the dance because of its playfulness and the individuality that can be expressed through it, both of which she aspires to pass to her students.  Na’ama spent the last 6 years studying this beautiful dance with a wide variety of world champions including Benji Schwimmer, Mario Robau, Deborah Szekely, John Lindo, Arjay Centeno and Mellisa Rutz.  One of Na'ama's dreams was to bring West Coast Swing to her home country of Israel.  During an extended trip in mid-2012 she was able to teach numerous local instructors and the WCS dance community in Israel has since blossomed into the hundreds.  Two of her Israeli students were the first Israelis to compete and won 2nd place in the WCS Classic Division in Europe in January 2013. 

For the past 12 years Na’ama has also taught a self-development course. Combining it with her passion for teaching, her motto is “The way you move in your life is the way you move on the dance floor”.  With much respect, appreciation and care, her methods which encompass mind, body and spirit allow students to progress quickly in their dancing.