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From: Katie (patch.com)
Wow, I was very impressed with Ballroom Dream performance ( (wanted to see Alluring Ballroom next day, but got stuck in traffic) at the fair, especially when they did this one group dance. I think it's called Dance Fusion. It seems like kids really enjoyed it. I definitely did...When some couples were dancing solos I had goose bumps. Those kids are so adorable and the way they move…omg. It was beautiful .Great job guys, my compliments to their teachers. Hope you are coming to the fair next year. This time I will bring my video camera ;)

From: Oksana (google)
Ballroom Dream is the best dance school you could every wish for. My daughter Anna is 7 now. When she was 4 and 5 I signed her up for dance classes in some local studios and have been deeply disappointed in the quality of teaching there. After visiting a few other schools I gave up and realized that there are no dance schools in US. Everything I saw was really bad and would be a waste of time and money. With this experience I consider myself and my family extremely lucky to find Ballroom Dream. I did not even hope to find such quality of teaching. We all love the school, the teachers, and the communication style. Everything is perfect. My daughter talks about it every day and she is very eager to go there every time. I highly recommend it to everyone. You will not regret even for a second and very soon will realize that this is the most interesting activity you have during a day. I wish Dasha and Dmitry a great success and huge thank you from me and my kids, Anna and Alex. I hope we will have a long lasting relationship.

From: Alexander S. Englishtown, NJ (yelp/google)
Ballroom Dream is a Fantastic place to learn how to dance for kids and adults!!!! My kids, my wife and I are very addicted to this place. Both of my children go to Dance Fusion class and social parties for kids. The Dance Fusion class is amazing. Whoever came up with this class is a genius. I have never seen my kids having so much fun learning. When I watch them in this class, I wish I would never end. Watching our kids' dance my wife and I could not resist and took private classes. And, I got to tell you, I can now cha-cha, rumba and waltz, which I thought is impossible. Teachers in this studio are very friendly and upbeat. All are professional dancers who used to compete around the world. Some time ago I took my kids to another ballroom studio, but it was such a waste of time and money. Thank God I found Ballroom Dream.

From: Mrs D (google)
Ok, for those of you who thought that there was no hope that you (or your 2-left-footed significant other) would ever carry a beat much less dance in public - listen up. Dasha is hands down, the BEST dance teacher I've ever had, because she succeeded in teaching my fiancé now husband how to dance - and most of all he LOVES it! Making the decision to take private lessons with Dasha was one of the best pre-wedding decisions we’ve made! Dasha’s positive attitude, her passion for what she does, her sense of humor, and most importantly, her PATIENCE made each class we took such an enjoyable experience. She taught me how to be more graceful, and taught my husband how to relax, listen to the music, and how to lead me in the rumba. I think having the personal attention (vs. class setting) was the key. We were able to ask her questions and perfect our moves without feeling intimidated or rushed. Everyone at our wedding was sooooo impressed with our first dance and we had so much fun doing it. :) Thanks so much Dasha!!! We love you… Katie & Rich

From: Jenna R. Englishtown, NJ (yelp/google)
I love Ballroom Dream very much. It has great teachers such as Dasha and Dmitry. There are lots of private and group classes. In these classes you learn Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Pasadoble, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, or Viennese Waltz. I learned ALL of these dances and they're great! A lot of kids compete in Ballroom. Last competition I got 1st and 2nd places. Dasha always says to "fight" when we dance. In Ballroom Dream you can get together with kids in a group class and a dance party. I think dance parties are a lot of fun and it's  great for kids who don't even know how to dance! I brought some of my friends and they said they loved the party. Going to Ballroom Dream I became confident, physically stronger, I learned how to dance, and I am very proud of doing dance. I am still working on showing emotion while dancing and the technique. My teacher, Dasha, is a great teacher because she cares about all of the dancers. I recommend dancing at Ballroom Dream because it has a lot of space, great people, awesome music, and it's a cool place to be.

From: Penny Coomes, Ruddington, England.(google)
Dasha taught me how to dance!! My figure skating partner and I went to Dasha for help with Latin Dancing. We have to compete a Latin Dance on the ice this coming season, and neither of us had danced this style before. Within ONE hour, she had us both dancing Cha cha, samba, salsa, rumba, mambo and meringue! I really enjoyed taking from such an amazing dancer and teacher. Her studio great, and she is a bubbly, friendly character! I am really excited to take what we have learnt and put it on the ice. Enjoy!! :0)
Penny Coomes, Team GB, 2010 Olympian and European and World Competitor.

From: Warren H. Marlboro, NJ (facebook)
Attended Ballroom Dream's 1st Social on May 27th. It was one of the Best Social Dance Party's ever. So if you like to dance, no matter if you are a beginner or experience dancer you will enjoy the great dance floor and the dance lesson given by one of the best teacher's in the USA!

From: Warren H. Marlboro, NJ (yelp)
Being older after my wife passed away in 2005 I needed some activity that was social, mental and physical  I read a medical article that stated that Ballroom Dancing was one of the best things for seniors to do as it provided all the things I was looking for.So I stared tacking lessons I believe in 2008.
Now I really got lucky. I started taking lesson Dasha Sushko. Dasha now in the new owner of the newly opened Dance Studio Ballroom Dream. Tonight she will be holding her first social Dance Party . I have done show cases and competitions as Dasha as my teacher.I have been to a lot of her classes and have observed her teaching people of all ages from children as young as 4 or 5 years old and people from all age groups.and both sexes. She gives all her students the best ballroom dance lessons  If you are interested in Dancing I can just say that give Ballroom Dream a shot and I think you will be happy.. I just love taking lessons. I am getting ready now to go to the social.

From: Claudia B. East Brunswick, NJ (yelp)
The kids party was a blast!!!!  We should do these kind of parties more often. I think this is a great experience for newcomers to start dancing.

I wanted to write to you to let you know how happy we were with our lessons.  We took two lessons with Steve, to learn a first dance for our wedding.  He made it easy to learn and remember the steps and it was such an enjoyable time for us.    We surprised all of our guests when we broke out into the choregoraphed dance that Steve put together for us and helped us learn.  It made our special day that much more special, and have been recommending your classes to all our friends.     We look forward to coming back and taking more classes.  I have included a couple of pictures.
Thank you again,
Danielle Perkins
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