3 Things to Keep in Mind for Your First Dance Class

First Dance Class

Are you planning to give dancing a shot? That sounds marvelous!
A dance class is the perfect way to get in shape and have fun doing it. It’s also a place to shake the stress away. But for most beginners, the idea can be a tad bit intimidating.
Believe us, you aren’t the first anxious dancer and you won’t be the last.
So it’s better for you to keep those negative vibes at bay. And focus on getting ready for the dance class.
We’ve listed a few tips for your first dance class to help you out.

Let’s have a look:

1. Come Prepared

Will you be tested on dancing techniques?
No. But it doesn’t hurt to watch a few videos (beginner ones please!) to give you an idea about the dance form. You should also do some warm up exercises a day or two before. This prevents your muscles from feeling too stiff during the session.

It’s also a great idea to pack a light snack and a water bottle for later. That’s because whether you’ve opted for Zumba, salsa, tango or the swing―ballroom dancing requires high energy.

2. Dress the Part

Generally, ballroom dance classes don’t have a dress code. But you should always pick an ensemble that’s unlikely to get in the way. Other than that, choose anything that’s comfortable for you and makes you feel confident.

The essential part of your outfit will be the shoes. The right footwear helps you keep your balance during the dance.

Pro tip: You wear flats that fit well!

3. Bring a Can-Do Spirit

The most important thing in a dance class is to keep an open mind. We can’t promise that it’s going to be easy. But being a negative Nelly will make it much worse. Moreover, you’ll have great instructors to help you along the way.

Our advice is to be SMART during the class:

  • Stay positive
  • Make sure you listen to all the instructions
  • Ask questions when you’re in doubt
  • Relax and keep calm
  • Treat it as an adventure

It’s a Wrap
In the end, remember that dancing for beginners isn’t rocket science. Just use our tips for the first dance class and be ready to have a great time. The first day might seem hard but you’ll get a hang of it eventually.

Best of luck!

Still looking for instructors? Get in touch with us to sign up for your first dance session. We promise to keep things fun, exciting and easy.

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