Private vs. Group Dance Lessons: Which One’s Better?

private vs. group dance class

The battle between private vs. group dance lessons has been going on for years. It’s usually the newcomers that get caught up in the cross-fire. Are you one of them?
Most newcomers would agree that picking a ballroom dancing style is easy. But choosing the format of your class is what stumps them. That’s because there are a lot of arguments for and against private and group dance lessons. And if you ask around, everyone will have a different opinion on which one’s better.
So it’s more sensible for you to make your own mind. We’ve broken down the dynamics of each class to pick this choice easier.

1. Group Dance Lessons

Whether you come with a partner or alone―group dance lessons are a perfect fit for most beginners. The main reason for this is the fact that dancing with other amateurs puts the pressure off of them. It allows them to learn together in a setting where everyone’s a learner.
Other benefits of group dance class include:

  • Gaining self-confidence by improving socializing
  • Learning tips and tricks from other beginners
  • Learning how to be compatible with various types of dancers
  • It’s also the budget-friendly option

The downside is that you won’t get much one-on-one time with the instructor. Nor will you get a chance to learn at your own pace. This is why some people prefer to take private dance lessons.

2. Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons are presumably better training grounds for some students. It allows you to work with your strengths and weaknesses without distraction. You also have the benefit of having a professional dancer by your side at all times.
Other benefits of private dance lessons include:

  • You can learn customized dance routines (if it’s in the package!)
  • It’s more focused and seamless
  • You learn a lot in a shorter amount of time
  • You get more feedback

The only setback is that they are pretty pricey. But considering the dedication and attention you get―they’re totally worth it.

It’s a Wrap

In a nutshell, both types of dance classes come with their pros and cons. You have to weigh in the options and pick something that you’re comfortable in. One thing that we can guarantee is that you’ll have a great time in both cases.
So what are you waiting for? Put your dancing shoes on and come to our ballroom dance class. We’ll teach you how to dance like a pro in no time!

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