Pre Dance Stretches To Never Forget


As with any workout, it’s wise to begin your ballroom dance session with a few stretches! Although it requires less powerful movements, did you know that stretching before a ballroom class can help to loosen your muscles and enhance your movements?Nobody’s workout can begin without a warm up – here are some easy stretches for ballroom dancers!
Dance isn’t just fun and games – it’s quite a workout!

In fact, pre dance stretches help you to avoid any muscle injuries or seizing. Besides, a warm up session is a great way to get into the spirit of dancing!
Here are some great pre dance stretches to do before your ballroom dance class begins!

Knee to Chest

One of the best stretches ever is the knee to chest. It helps to stretch your leg muscles, which help you pace your dance steps more easily.
Stand straight and slowly begin to bend your right leg towards yourself until the knee is close to your chest. Hold the position for a few seconds. Switch sides and repeat again.


One of the easiest stretches to strengthen and warm up your muscles is the lunges. They’re also a great way to gauge how good your balance is.
Stand with your right leg in front with your foot firmly planted on the ground, and left leg at the back, resting on your toes. Slowly begin to bend on your left leg, until your right leg comes down in a 90 degree angle. Repeat for a few counts and then switch sides.

Side Bend

This semi-full body stretch is great to ease your muscles into the dance grind! Besides, this stretch is a pretty relaxing one, too!
Start by kneeling on the floor with your back straight. Extend your left leg in a perpendicular fashion and hold it. Then extend your right arm overhead and bend your torso towards the left. Hold for a few counts, switch sides and repeat.

Quad Stretch

One of the easiest stretches to do, this quad stretch is great for enhancing flexibility and agility.
Stand with your feet together. Extend your left hand backwards to pull your left foot upwards. Hold onto a wall for support while you pull your ankle up to your hips. Hold for a few seconds, release and switch sides.

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