Choosing the Right Shoes For Your Ballroom Dance Classes

Heeled shoes

Finding the right pair of ballroom dance shoes is essential. The ballroom dance is a special one and requires special footwear for a seamless performance.
How do you pick the right shoes for Ballroom Dancing? We’ve got a quick guide!

Finding the right shoe is very important. The correct ballroom dance shoes will provide your feet with the right support needed for dancing. It also gives your feet a nice grip on the dance floor and keeps your comfortable. So how do you choose the right shoes for your ballroom dance class?

A Snug Fit

Ballroom dance shoes should fit snugly over your foot. A snug shoe shouldn’t put pressure on your feet and shouldn’t squeeze your toes. Try wearing a size down to see which one works best for you.


Various ballroom dance shoes have heels, and as you’ve probably seen in movies, they’re pretty high! However, if you and your partner are beginners, try opting for a flared and low heel. This gives you more balance and sturdiness when you practice.

The Right Sole

The ballroom dance shoes usually have suede soles, which help you glide over the smooth floor and gives you a good grip so that you don’t get injured – or worse, slip. It’s essential you maintain the roughness of the sole, so give it a good rubbing with a wired shoe brush after it looks worn out.

Open or Closed Toe?

Your dancing shoes should be able to give you a sturdy grip on the dance floor. They should also be comfortable. Here’s what you need to know about these two types of dance shoes.

Open Toed dance shoes are for Latin and Rhythm styles of dance. They’re even great for Salsa!

Closed Toed dance shoes are more for Ballroom and Smooth styles of dance. So perhaps begin with these!

Buy Your First Pair in a Store

And one last important thing –buy your first pair of dancing shoes in-store. That way, you can check out various sizes and styles and see which ones are more comfortable! After that, you can pick out uber cute ballroom dance shoes online when you have a better understanding!

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