Why Millennials Are Choosing Ballroom Dancing?

There are tons of dance styles out there that are influenced by modernism, changing times and music. From break dancing to hip-hop, there are so many ways for dancers to move their bodies to the beat, but why have Millennials begun to look back?
Ballroom dancing is becoming much more popular amongst Millennials than the usual break dancing – continue reading to learn why!
Looking at the popularity of the old dances, one can gauge that Millennials are looking to turn back time by adopting ballroom dancing instead of going the mainstream route. So why are Millennials choosing ballroom dancing over other styles?

It’s Elegant

Ballroom dancing is a very elegant form of dance. Intimate and sweet, it brings together two dancers in harmonious movements that depict unity and grace, making it a popular choice amongst Millennials and those looking to learn the perfect first dance for their wedding.

It’s Different From The Norm

Millennials are all about vibes and essence of relationships, and what better way to get closer to your significant other than ballroom dancing?
No other dance style has the closeness and charm of ballroom dancing and because Millennials are big on quality time, this is a great way to get closer to their loved one and relish in the beauty of their relationship.

It’s a Great Way To Bolster Companionship

Majority of the mainstream music and dance revolve around the themes of sex, partying, drinks, drugs and other “popular” things about the life of the youth.
However, it can get pretty tiresome and overwhelming which is why ballroom dancing is becoming a quick favorite. The music is beautiful as are the dance steps and it’s a perfect way to connect as human beings.

It’s an Evergreen Form of Dance

The best part about ballroom dancing is that it’s an evergreen style of dance which means anyone at any age can perform it and look amazing while doing so. In other words, you won’t ever outgrow ballroom dancing.
Unlike other dance styles, an older dancer won’t look odd paired with a younger one when performing the Waltz – and it’s definitely a dance you can perform with your grandma and your girlfriend!
They say old is gold, and it definitely rings true when it comes to ballroom dancing and Millennials – don’t you agree?

So what are you waiting for? Check out our Dance Studio to book a ballroom dancing lesson to explore this beautiful dance style! Get in touch with us today!

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