4 Tips to Improve Your Ballroom Dancing Performance

Dancing Couple

If you love ballroom dancing, then you know how much dedication the dance requires. Beautiful, elegant and fun, ballroom dancing is a great way to develop compassion and deeper empathy for those around you.
How can you up your ballroom dancing game? Check out these fun tips for some help!

Ballroom dancing is a graceful form of dance that requires attention and time. So if you’re looking to do better, check out these 4 tips to improve your ballroom dancing performance!

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Ballroom dancing requires a certain posture and timed movements, which are performed with another partner in a shared tempo.

If you’re looking to improve your dancing, practice the postures and movements on your own to gain a better understanding of your body’s movement so that you can sync it to your partner’s.

2. Wear Shoes That Keep You Comfortable

You won’t be able to dance well if your toes are pinched or your heel feels pressured, so it’s important you pick out shoes you’re comfortable in.

However, you’ll probably figure this out after dancing in 2 – 3 different pairs, so take your time to see which ballroom dancing shoes complement your game and stick to it.

3. Don’t Look At Your Feet While Dancing!

Beginners always make the big mistake of watching their feet while dancing. Sure, ballroom dance does require certain step movements, but watching your feet will make you fumble more.

Instead, practice the footwork slowly and steadily. In essence, your feet and head point in the same direction, so practice mastering this instead of looking down.

4. Dance With More Than One Partner

A great way to really get into the ballroom dancing spirit and up your dancing game is to dance with more than one partner – it’s a great learning experience!

It’s a great way to see how different people move and figure out how you have to modify your steps in order to produce harmonious movements with your partner – besides, it’s great fun to dance with different partners!

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