A Beginner’s Guide to Ballroom Dancing

Beginner Guide to Ballroom Dancing

Super fun and elegant, ballroom dancing is an old dance style that transports you back into Mr. Darcy’s gigantic living room and the Gatsby era. With elegant footsteps and intimate movements, ballroom dancing is one of the most beautiful experiences – no wonder it’s a favorite amongst the newlyweds!
Are you new to ballroom dancing? Here’s all you need to know before you take your first dance class! So get ready!

Are you new to ballroom dancing?
Are you nervous about your first class?
Don’t be – we’ve got the coolest guide to help you get through your first ballroom dance class!

At Ballroom Dream Dance Studio, we welcome learners from all levels – even those who’ve never heard of the Rumba before! So for our beginners, we take extra care to ease them into the art of ballroom dancing with tons of advice.
Are you ready? Here we go!

Get the Right Shoes

When you come to your class, bring the right shoes. Sneakers are okay, but what’s the fun in ballroom dancing without the real stuff?
Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes: These close toed shoes are usually matte black or made of patent leather and have a 1-inch heel. These shoes are designed to encourage forward walking and are forward on the heel – so make sure you pick the comfiest one!

Women’s Ballroom Dancing Shoes: Usually the color of flesh, these satin shoes have a heel between 2 – 2.5 inches and are close or open toed, depending on your preferences.
Don’t forget to break them in!

Do Some Stretches

Dancing is also quite a workout, so before you begin your dance class, do some basic stretches that work your leg muscles and also your core.
The movements in ballroom dancing require grand movements, so you have to be flexible – plan a great warm up routine before getting into position!

Watch Some Videos

Another way to get you into the zone of ballroom dancing is to check out some cool videos online! There are so many to choose from and so many famous dancers to check out.
Watching professional dancers glide across the floor and watching their movements should give an idea of what to expect in your ballroom dance class and get you in the mood for dancing too!

Are you ready to begin ballroom dancing?

Check out our Dance Studio where you and your partner can learn about the wonderful world of ballroom dancing!
Get in touch with us today to get moving with professional trainers to ace your first attempt!

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