3 Common Ballroom Dancing Mistakes to Avoid

Are you afraid of making glaring ballroom dancing mistakes during your performance?

Whether you’re prepping for your first dance or a social event, signing up for ballroom dance lessons can go a long way. Working with trained instructors helps you perfect your step and shake off that nervous energy.

This article lists tips and tricks to improve performance and avoid embarrassment.

Here three common ballroom dancing mistakes made by beginners:

1. Don’t Keep Your Eyes to the Ground

Many beginners spend a majority of their performance staring at the floor. There are various reasons for this move. Some dancers are unsure where to look. They consider the dance floor as the ideal place to direct their attention. You might even stare at your feet to ensure you don’t step on your partner’s toes and move in the right direction.

No matter what the reason, looking at the ground indicates you are nervous. It also makes you look self-conscience. In turn, this weakens your performance.

Dancing Tip: Stop staring at the ground and look at your partner instead. Give them all the attention and take cues from them.  Looking into their eyes will make you forget your stage fright and improves your posture.

In a way, you look more poised and elegant than you feel at that moment.

2. Stop Slouching

Many new dancers focus solely on the choreographed routine and nothing else. It causes them to forget that maintaining an erect posture throughout the performance is equally important. Keep your shoulder back straight and hold your frame.

Slouched shoulders and loose frame are classic ballroom dancing mistakes that are easy to avoid. All you have to do is pay attention.  If in doubt, take ballroom dancing classes to get everything from moves and posture to partnership right.

Dancing Tip:  Prevent slouching by standing straight and ensuring your shoulders do not droop. Lift your arms and place them at a 45° angle to keep your shoulder straight and erect when you move.

3. Don’t Rush

Savor every moment spent on the dance floor and stop taking wide steps. Quick steps can often lead to unfinished routines that looks weak to a crowd. They also throw you off balance and make it challenging for your partner to follow. Due to this, your performance look uncoordinated.

Dancing Tip:  Follow the music and take steps accordingly. Taking smaller steps will ensure that your feet don’t falter and your movements are more synchronized.

Let’s Wrap It Up

In short, the most common ballroom dancing mistakes revolve around your body language and how it affects your posture. Taking ballroom dance lessons can help you loosen up and maintain the perfect posture. With proper practice and extra attention, you’ll be dancing like a pro.

Are you ready to dance? Contact us today to sign up for your first ballroom dance lesson.