Ballroom Dance Etiquettes: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Ballroom dance etiquettes

Decided to take up ballroom dance as a new hobby?

It’s time to learn some ballroom dance etiquettes!

Dance steps aren’t the only things to learn – you must know how to dress and behave on the floor. Dance is one of the physical activities that require social skills. If you’re a guy, the girls would love to see you showing off your good manners. And ladies, nothing impresses men more than having someone who can show how to behave with the partner on the dance floor.

Below are a few basic tips to start with.

Ballroom Dance Etiquettes

To save yourself the embarrassment of acting like a rookie in front of your dance partner and a room full of people, make sure you follow these ballroom dance etiquettes religiously.

1.    Grooming

It goes without saying that you must be well-groomed before you step on the dance floor. Make sure you brush your teeth, take a shower, and use a nice deodorant to make the experience pleasant for your partner. Avoid using perfumes or hair products with a strong odor, as they may put others off.

Additionally, always keep a pack of breath mints with you. If you need to smoke, go outside and wash your hands and pop a breath mint before getting back on the dance floor.

2.    Dress Code

You must wear something comfortable for ballroom dancing. Fancy belt buckles and pointy-edge cufflinks are a big no. Avoid wearing anything that might hurt your partner or get stuck in their dress.

It’s also important to wear comfortable shoes (no sneakers, though). Moreover, don’t forget to take off your jacket or close its buttons before you start dancing.

3.    Dance Invitation

This is one of the most important ballroom dance etiquettes. Anyone can approach you for a dance (and vice versa). Everybody is there to dance, so there are few chances of rejection. In fact, most dancers like dancing with a variety of partners.

With that said, make sure you use appropriate language when inviting someone to dance. Avoid using cheesy pickup lines to impress a partner. You can simply say, “Would you care to dance?” or “May I have this dance?” with a smile.

Final Words

By following these ballroom dance etiquettes, you’ll certainly feel at home on the dance floor. Ballroom dancing can be a lot of fun if you know how to behave on the floor and impress your partner. All you have to do is wear comfortable clothes, smell good, talk politely, and dance confidently.

Get ready to dance and have lots of fun!