Ballroom Dancing After Quarantine: What Should You Know?

Are you planning to learn ballroom dancing after quarantine?

Whether you are coming to socialize, practice your skills, or prepare for your wedding dance, we are excited to meet you. Our ballroom dance classes are welcoming old and new faces after we reopened the Studio.

However, times are changing and so shall we. That is why we decided to answer some frequently asked questions about post-pandemic ballroom dance classes. 

Let’s begin. 

Prep: How to Prepare for Your First Dance Lesson?

Undoubtedly, quarantining at home means that everyone would likely be out of shape. Joining our ballroom dance classes will give you a chance to stretch those muscles and get into form.

However, it would be good for you to do some warm-up exercises at home. That way, you won’t feel exhausted or tired after our session. It also prevents your body from feeling overexerted when you dance after such a long break.

Other than that, you don’t have to do any dance-related prep. We are happy to help you go through the basics when you arrive. Do wear comfortable clothes and shoes, though, to maintain your grip while you dance. Also, don’t forget the masks!

The New Norm: What to Expect in a Post-Pandemic Dance Class?

Ballroom dancing after quarantine means less interaction and more action. We have designed lessons that minimize contact and maintain distance between partners and instructors.

Additionally, we have limited the number of students attending each session to ensure social distancing. We are also abiding sanitation and SOPs required to keep everyone safe.

Rest assured, our ballroom dance classes will still be fun and engaging. You can expect to learn as much as you would have before.

The Benefits: Why Should Your Take a Ballroom Dance Class?

Ballroom dancing after quarantine is a way to unwind and focus on yourself instead of worrying about the pandemic.

It is a chance for you to put an hour aside for physical and mental health. You also get to socialize and interact with others while learning something new. These are all things that quarantine routines might have eliminated from your life.  These classes are a way to slip some normalcy (or change) into your tiring schedules.

If you are getting married, these lessons are a way to spend quality time with your beau before you tie the knot.

Final Words

Ballroom dancing after quarantine will be both challenging and rewarding. We hope to make this the best time of your lives by making these classes interesting, engaging, and happy.

So what are you waiting for? Register today and get ready to hit the dance floor!

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