Much like a fast version of the Foxtrot, the Quickstep is a Ballroom Dance style composed of extremely quick stepping and syncopated feet rhythms in time to fast-paced music. Although difficult to master and perform, the Quickstep is lots of fun to watch.
The Quickstep might be termed the “joy” dance of modern dancing. While the basic figures are quite simple, the tempo of the music and the whole character of the dance seem to invite a carefree interpretation of its bright rhythm. The beginner will find the basic steps easy to learn and easy to fit the music. The advanced dancer will discover that the music lends itself to an infinite variety of steps.
Although Quickstep looks intimidating to the television or competition viewer, the basics of the dance are surprisingly easy and enormously fun! Quickstep is a wonderful dance to work on smooth movement, proper dance frame, and obviously, fast feet.