American Waltz

The romantic Waltz is one of the most popular Ballroom dances of all time. Considered by some as the “mother of present day dances” and the “backbone dance” of the Ballroom, the Waltz is the basis for many dances.The term “Waltz” originates from the old German word “walzen” which means to roll, turn, or to glide. Essentially this dance is all about gliding in a lively or conspicuous manner.

It is a smooth dance that travels around the line of dance, characterized by its “rise and fall” action. The Waltz is danced to soothing, dream-like music that has a unique 3/4 time signature with an accent on the first beat of every measure. As functional as it is lovely, Waltz is the perfect dance to improve strength and softness in your movement. The Waltz will teach the dancer the importance of maintaining posture, balance and timing – thus achieving the graceful, sweeping movements that make this dance such a stylish and regal one.