How Does Ballroom Dancing Help You Get in Shape for Summer?

Let’s admit it!

Exercising at home can feel lonely, and nobody wants to navigate partially open gyms post-pandemic. If you’re not a jogger and prefer shaded spaces instead of parks, we recommend choosing ballroom dancing to get in shape for summer.

It’s fun, flexible, and less tedious than most workout regimes you’ve tried.

Here are some benefits of ballroom dancing for physical fitness:

Training with Different Dance Routines

You might have heard about a 10-minute cardio workout? Or, full-body training online?

May we present a dance-centric version of those exercise routines instead? Everything from the fast Salsa, slow Foxtrot to graceful Waltz offers several physical benefits.

An average 30-minute session can help you burn up to 118 calories or more. It does not have any negative repercussions like high-impact exercises either. That way, you can drop the extra weight, improve overall muscle mass, and flexibility without facing the usual post-workout issues.

An Excellent Alternative for Cardio Exercises

Another benefit of ballroom dancing is that it doubles up as a cardio workout session too. Most dance routines revolve around stretches and strength training. They help build your:
  • Muscle strength
  • Maximize energy levels
  • It targets your core strength
Besides this, you get to work on posture and overall physique. In turn, this gives you a leaner and fitter body that’s more flexible than before.

Bonus Benefits

Practicing in a relaxed environment with friendly people allows you to let go of your everyday stressors. It also relieves anxiety and improves your mood.

Moreover, you get to go out and socialize instead of staying cooped up in one place. That way, the benefits of ballroom dancing support mental health and equip you with social skills too.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, dancing is less of a chore and an easy way to achieve your summer body goals. Not only does it improve your physical health, but it has a positive impact on your mental health too.  So it’s a definite win-win situation for you.

Are you ready to get in shape for summer? Join our Ballroom Dance Studio today!