Reality TV vs. Ballroom Dance Classes: What’s the Difference?

So you think you can dance?

Popular dance competitions and reality shows have revived the trend of ballroom dancing. They bring in the energy, glitz, and magic of the dance form to your screens. Yet, you won’t know what to expect from your ballroom dance lessons by watching television.

We outline the main differences between Reality TV vs. Ballroom Dance Classes to give you a taste of the real world.

Let’s go.

1. Live in the Moment   

Have you noticed how tense performers are before the music begins?

You can feel their nervous energy radiating across the screen. As performers, they have immense pressure surrounding them. They are conscious of each step as millions of viewers and judges scrutinize their moves.

Unlike reality TV, Ballroom Dance Lessons aren’t a test. It’s a recreational hour where you dance for yourself. Whenever you attend classes, learn to enjoy these moments and laugh at the missteps. Even couples taking wedding dance classes should relax and dance freely.    

2. Trained Dancers vs. Beginners    

When you talk about reality TV vs. Ballroom Dance Classes, qualifications and skills are the main discussion points. Contestants typically receive years of professional training or are teamed with an experienced choreographer. Plus, they need to meet the dance show standards before they step on the stage.

In contrast, ballroom dance lessons are for everyone. We offer beginner to advanced level classes depending on our attendees’ dancing goals. That means you can register for recreation, competitions, or wedding dance choreography, etc. We then teach you the skills and routines based on your requirements.

3. No Strings Attached  

Dance competitions have a set of rules that participants have to adhere to. One wrong move leads to disqualification. There are many other restrictions (like dress codes) that bind them when they dance. They have to go through weeks of practice to prepare them for the stage.   

In comparison,   ballroom dance classes focus on you. Your instructors are keen on setting you at ease and enhancing your skills. You won’t face any pressure here, nor will your coaches push your limits when you enroll in recreational classes. 

It’s a Wrap

In the end, when it comes to reality TV vs. Ballroom Dance Classes, both add value to the conversations surrounding ballroom dancing. That said, don’t base your expectations on what you see onscreen. Take ballroom dance lessons to experience the magic of movement yourself. It will help you learn a new set of skills while increasing your respect for the onscreen performers. 

So you think you can dance? Perfect your moves and hit the dance floor with Ballroom Dream. Sign up for our upcoming ballroom dance lessons today. 

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